The number of poor people living in these 7 states is 27 crore

More than 27 crore people of the country are living their lives in poverty. According to the World Bank’s latest report, 80 percent of the country’s poor population lives in the villages.

One in every five poor Indians
According to the report, every five persons in the country fall under one category. According to the report released till 2012, in 2004, the number was 38.9 per cent, and in 2011, the figure has reached 21.2 per cent. The poorest of the poor also belong to scheduled castes and tribes.

These seven states live the poorest of the poor
The poorest people live in UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Odisha. 62 percent of the country’s poor people live in these states. In these states, 45 percent of the country’s population lives.

6 million poor in UP

According to the report, by 2012, six crore poor people in the country lived in UP. 3.6 million in Bihar, 2.4 million in MP, 1.3 million in Jharkhand and 1 crore in Rajasthan living below the poverty line. According to statistics, 25 percent of the country’s poor population lives in villages and 14 percent in urban areas. Of these, 27 percent lived in small villages, 19 percent in large villages, 17 percent in small cities and 6 percent in big cities.

56 percent poor people spend on food
56 percent of the poor spend on food. 13 percent spend on light and fuel, 6 percent on education and 25 percent for other items. If you talk to castes, then 43 per cent ST, 29 per cent SC, 21 per cent OBC and 12 per cent come from other castes.

Earning from wages
According to the World Bank figures, most of the poor work their lives by wages. 34 percent of the workers work on the fields, 30 percent work on their fields and 17 percent do wages in other jobs.

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