Singapore Diary: Trump-Kim meets ‘Mini India’


Singapore’s “Little India” is a mini India, residing in a 2-kilometer range. These Indians have their own residence abroad, where they have hundreds of shops and these shops sell everything that are sold in the Indian market. There is more than the number of people coming from Tamil Nadu.
Lighting came out of Tamil Nadu 15 years ago, lighting a restaurant. He says that there are 300 regional restaurants in the radius of two kilometers. According to him, at a small place outside India, such a number of restaurants will not be found in any other country.

Like the Indian markets, the crowds are so crowded that it is difficult to walk. The names of shops on the sides of the roads on both sides will often be found in Tamil. That’s 7 percent of the country’s 55 million population.
Contributions to Indians in the creation of Singapore In the beginning of the twentieth century, besides the people of Chinese and Malay origin in Singapore’s construction, the third largest community was from the people of Tamil Nadu. Those families are still living here. Tamil is one of the official languages ​​of Singapore. There are several ministers of the Tamil community in the cabinet where foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan is the chief.

Now a large number of people who came from Tamil Nadu two-three decades ago. In addition to the Tamil community, the number of Telugu and Punjabis in Indian origin is more than that.

On the holiday on Sunday, ‘Little India’ looks like Lajpat Nagar of Delhi. Shopping malls and shops are full of customers. Those who eat out of some famous restaurants have to wait a long time.

Singapore’s Little India keeps a relationship with Singapore’s other communities. Perhaps it is more like eating and shopping in this mini India or the surrounding areas. There are also a large number of residential houses here. I just realized that they are slightly different from the main stream of the country.

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