Foreign tourists will get refunds at the airport, no need to go to custom office

Foreign tourists coming to India will soon be able to claim GST refunds at the airport in return. The Department of Revenue is working on making a system of refunding them for the taxes paid during the purchase made by foreign tourists in India. An official said that after the implementation of the system, initial purchases made from only big retailers will be eligible for refund on the airport at the time of withdrawal of foreign tourists. It has a provision in GST law, but it has not been implemented yet.

In many countries, VAT or GST is refunded by foreign tourists after purchasing more than one limit. Rajat Mohan, partner of AMRG & Associates, said that this is a great way to attract foreign tourists without increasing fiscal expenditure.

Custom Office Affair
It is good news for exporters looking for an IGST refund on exported goods and services that they do not need to go to a custom office to get the refund stuck. He will send information only by email, it will be processed and his refund will be issued. The central indirect tax and customs board (CBIC) have made the necessary arrangements for this.

Refunds are stuck for two reasons
In Delhi, Chief Commissioner of Customs, Sunil Kumar Sahni told Amar Ujala that at present, the exporters refunded for two reasons mainly. Firstly, they have uploaded the details of the invoice numbers on the GSTN portal, there has been some disturbance. The second disturbance has happened in the export of bank account details by exporters. So their refund is stuck.

Refund fortnight is being celebrated till 14th June

They say that the exporter, who is stuck in a refund, should promptly contact the custom office. At this time, Refund Pakkhada is being celebrated across the country and under this, till June 14, the work is going from morning till late evening. They should come and give the correct information and release the refund. If the exporter can not come by yourself, then send information about invoice number or bank account through email only. After this, the departmental officers will correct their information and their refunds will be issued automatically.

Exporters to remote cities will be easy
Send information by email to those who export from distant cities. For example, exporting carpets from Bhadohi to Varanasi, exporters are exporting their containers from JNPT, Mumbai by custom clearance from Tuglakabad container depot in Delhi. Such businessmen will have to provide updated information in Delhi. With the provision of giving an email notification, they will be able to get rid of Delhi.

No scope for human intervention in the system
They said that the system in GST has been built in such a way that there is no scope for human intervention. That’s why the system automatically issues a refund. In cases where the information given is mis-signed, the refund is not automatically released.

A special officer has been deployed
The exporters who are stuck due to the fact that the refunds are stuck, are being manually corrected. For this, the CBI has deployed a special officer in the custom office across the country who are manually feeding information. A special utility has been uploaded to the online system for this.

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