By Paying Two Rupees Get Sanitary Napkins For Menstruation Hygiene

By Paying Two Rupees Get Sanitary Napkins For Menstruation Hygiene:

A ‘knock’ campaign has been started for the private health and menstruation hygiene of the women of the backward class and tribe, under which only sanitary napkins are being provided for two rupees.

It is also made available in napkin railway stations and trains. Raman Giri Maharaj, Mahanta Math of the Juna Akhara and President of the Excellent Uplift Seva Mandal, composed a special religious gathering for the backward society, tribe and women of the country, in which human upliftment and policies for the upliftment of tribal communities in different parts of the country And churned on the private health related policies of the backward class women.

Composition Bajpai on the concluding ceremony of the seven-day Dharam Sabha, said that people were fed umbrellas to the troubled tribals and distributed sanitary napkins keeping in view the personal health and monthly needs of the backward classes and tribes. was done.

Writing Bajpai said that discussions on the interests of women and tribes are often discussed through the platform of Dharma Sabha. From this discussion Dharm Sabha has reached the conclusion that it has become a challenge for the families of the tribal and backward classes to meet the personal health and monthly needs. In order to fulfill this goal, through the Dharm Sabha, we have knocked the campaign of sending cheap sanitary napkins to the needy women across the country, the goal of this knock has been drawn towards women’s independence. So these sanitary napkins have been called ‘knock’.

He said that this campaign is being led under the banner of Railway Women Welfare Central Organization. While the average price of sanitary napkins in the market is 5-9, the Railway Women Failfare Central Organization is providing sanitary napkins to the needy women for just Rs 2. Keeping in mind the interests of women traveling in the railways, cheap sanitary napkins are also being provided in railway stations and railways.


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