A painful accident in Agamgarh, cracked gas cylinder during religious rituals, six deaths

A heart-breaking event has emerged from Azamgarh district of UP. During a religious ritual in a village here, the gas cylinder explodes while preparing food for a banquet. Six people died in the incident.
During the religious rituals in the Kotwa village of the Sarai police station area of ​​the district, there was a fire in the gas cylinder when cooking food for the banquet. During this, the cylinder burst with a bang. Seeing the fire rising people in the house hid in the next room.

During this, the room was full of smoke. Due to the misery, eight people including four women fell unconscious. In some way, people pulled out those trapped inside and reached the district hospital for treatment but it was too late.

Doctor here declared two girls including four women dead. The condition of two people, including a teenager, remains critical. The disorder has happened in the village.
Made a mistake yesterday …
Ramataji Devi (80) wife Self in Kotwa village. Balasar took the gurmantra. A feast was organized at home in this celebration. There were quite a number of relatives and acquaintances in the house. There was work to prepare food for the banquet inside the house.

The gas cylinder caught fire due to leakage around 1:30 pm. The stampede was on the spot. The people inside were starting to run around. Before that people burst with cylinder explosion to fire the fire. With this the fire started to grow rapidly.

Some people in the house were hidden in a room. But this proved to be a time for them. The whole room was filled with smoke Out there was a fire, there was no way out. The people in the house fell unconscious after falling into the trap. Somehow the fire was quenched, people trapped inside were taken out and brought to the district hospital with an ambulance.

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